The online rowing platform, made for WaterRower machines.

We-Row is a online rowing platform. Plug-in your WaterRower machine via the Chrome-app and compete with players all over the world.

We-Row enables WaterRower owners to row races online. Install the Chrome-app, plug in your WaterRower, and you're set. The real-time interface provides a unique and exciting experience.

The We-Row login screen
The We-Row live dashboard

Real-time dashboard

The dashboard offers a clear view of upcoming and finished races. Users can plan private or public races, or join existing ones. Thanks to the live interface, users quickly see when they have been invited to a new race.


In the race lobby, the rowers can communicate with each other with ease. Users can notify the host when they are ready to go, so that the match can be started as fast as possible. After successful races, the lobby can be visited again to discuss the finished race or to possibly make a new race appointment.

The We-Row Lobby
Race online with We-Row

Online racing

When all users are ready and the countdown has finished, the race can begin. Every rower has his own color during the race and can spot his opponents position and speed in real-time. This competitiveness makes the training more fun and compelling.


Some technologies and tools used for the rowing platform We-Row.