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We are Label305, a team of web- and mobile specialists from the Netherlands. Together, we go for every technical challenge, to develop the finest digital products.


Time-management software for simple time registration, completely adjustable to your company's needs. Gain insight into your own hours and those of your employees, export data to Excel and easily manage time registration on PC, Mac or on your phone through the app.


Clickin is the app that allows you to do something fun right now. Meet up with friends, acquaintances or someone you meet via Clickin. The choice is yours! Find a tennis partner or someone to jam with in no time, or message your friends to meet up at a pub. Read more about the app at Clickin.co.

RP3 Dynamic

RP3 Dynamic innovates the world of rowing with the RP3: a modern ergometer that uses a mobile application to provide instant performance feedback to the rower. We developed the app for the RP3, which brings the connectivity of the RP3 to a whole new level and creates opportunities for rapid future development.

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On the web everything is possible and accessible. We work with open source software, like Laravel PHP, Node.js and React. We use the best tools suited to individual projects and we always look into new techniques. Complex application? Yes please! We love to go for a challenge.

iOS and Android apps

We develop native Android and iOS apps. With the latest techniques like Kotlin for Android and Swift 3 for iOS, we create applications that feel solid and make use of all the capabilities offered by mobile devices.

UX and design

Design beautiful, clear applications without losing sight of the function. Provide the user with the best user experience. That's what we're going for. We do this by working closely with developers and designers, so that the technology seamlessly connects to the front-end.


As our client, you know all the possible applications of your product and have many ideas about functionalities and potential users. We help you focus on the main features of your product and look through the eyes of the users.

Internet of things

The internet is connected to almost everything around us, so the challenge for us is making the most of it! We are interested in integrating everything with a USB, Bluetooth or WiFi connection into a larger framework.

Artificial intelligence

Smart applications are the future. We apply models for language-, image- and data analysis, by allowing computers to learn from collected data by means of machine learning techniques.

With our knowledge and experience, we turn your ideas into a fantastic product.

Digital Product development

Building great things. Developing digital products with a clear vision. This is what we do every day, and we love it! When we develop (mobile) applications, we want to be involved, to get the best results together.

How do we achieve this? It starts with a good ambience and a common goal. We give advice, and ask the questions you have never thought about. We use the latest browser technology and the latest technologies available for Android and iOS to build an application that is future-proof. Our code is robust, elegant and well-scalable.

Great idea?

We have great coffee.

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