A well-designed workflow and a modern design.

No other place allows organisations to work together with their market as well as Seezers. We were responsible for the branding and the complete development of this crowdsourcing platform with its modern design.

I've been working together with Label305 for over a year. They have a solid take on things, deliver on time, provide valuable input and are super enthusiastic!

Emiel Pegge

Founder Crowdsourcing platform Seezers.com
Participant Holland in the Valley Startup Bootcamp

For Emiel Pegge we developed Seezers, the concept and the platform. Starting out as a nameless idea, and growing into a solid identity during our branding process, followed by the development of an eye-catching system.

Overzichtspagina van crowdsourcing platform Seezers
Dashboard van crowdsourcing platform Seezers

Offer ideas or place questions in the blink of an eye

Seezers is open to all, and easy to use. A client can easily pose a question, anonymously or otherwise. It's the simplicity that makes Seezers work. Sending in a new case or ideas is truly a breeze.

Easy insight and tracking for companies

Companies can keep track of their posed questions and easily judge the ideas their questions have gathered.

Bedrijven dashboard van crowdsourcing platform Seezers

The video we created for Seezers


Several technologies and tools used for crowdsourcing platform Seezers.

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Sass CSS