Offering the best experience on the web.

Web development

Scalable applications, developed using open-source technology and running in the cloud.

Label305, a Dutch agency, can help you design and develop online products that offer a wonderful user experience and possibilities for growth.

Together, we will build an online product with which you can let your company grow. Web development is available in all shapes and sizes and we are at the front of the pack. We work together with you to develop a SaaS solution that runs in a scalable cloud, using the latest open-source technologies.

By employing future-proof open-source technologies, you will maintain your freedom. We will implement abstractions in the application itself, making maintenance and customisation both easy and quick. This allows you to keep responding to a changing world.

The application will run in the cloud, for example in the Google Cloud Platform. This allows us to describe the application infrastructure in code and make lightning-fast switches. It is also possible to run the application on a PaaS, which allows for many of the operational expenses to be combined into a single, infinitely scalable platform.

We can help you with:

  • PHP Development
  • Frameworks: Laravel and CakePHP
  • Responsive webdesign
  • APIs and webservices
  • Cloud infrastructuur
  • Behaviour driven development
  • Continuous integration
  • We are also happy to explore technologies that are (as yet) new to us


We use these technologies, among others, for web development.

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Laravel 5

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Google Cloud Platform

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