Your personal travel assistant.

The travel-app that has everything you need! All practical travel information of your journey available at one spot, a wide range of interesting excursions, places of interest and dining options, all travel documents (vouchers, tickets) available digitally on your smart phone and much more!

All information at one spot

The Travelia app offers something which many travel apps couldn't: all important information is available at one spot! Count down until the moment of departure, view a clear timeline of your journey or quickly contact your travel advisor. All travel documents such as vouchers and tickets are available digitally on your smart phone. Useful and safe.

Travelia app: timeline
Travelia app

Get inspired!

The offer of interesting excursions, places of interest and dining options is extensive! Travelia brings tips about great activities and extras to you, that will be of value. Read what other Travelia users recommend or dislike, and rapidly book these activities straight from your smart phone.

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Management system

The corresponding management system (back-end) has a clear interface. This system enables travel agents or advisors to add and edit tips for all travel locations. Using geo-fencing, travelers can receive a personalized notification about a tip when entering a certain area. The system also allows for travel advisors to send messages to the travelers.

Travelia management system


Some technologies and tools used for Travelia.







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