OYA: Optimize your assessment, een online training platform

Optimally prepare for your assessment, always and everywhere. The individual training program of OYA offers progress and a greater chance for succes.

Together with the OYA team we developed OYA - Optimize your assessment. OYA is the platform where you can prepare for your assessment. OYA goes further than just simple excersises. The underlying concepts of your training are explained, so you'll really know how the handle an assessment. Over the span of a year a proof of concept was developed, using several test-groups to figure out the existing training-needs. OYA remains under constant development.

Dashboard en persoonlijk overzicht van OYA - Optimize your assessment
Trainingsmodule van OYA - Optimize your assessment

Simplicity is power: clear progress

OYA has been made to be as simple as possible. When a trainee first starts his or her level is measured by a so-called baseline measurement. This serves as the basis for a personalized training program. This training program is then clearly shown on a timeline, making it easy for the trainee to see what progress has been made and what still needs to be covered.

Mistakes are opportunities to learn

In order to learn from your mistakes OYA lets you look at your answered questions and shows you which you got right and wrong. If you answered wrong, it will give you Tips & Tricks to improve your skills.

Rapporten van OYA - Optimize your assessment
Statistieken van OYA - Optimize your assessment

Insight in your progress

For trainees, it is important to know his place, regarding performance, in relation to other trainees. OYA lets you see your own progress (pre-test, post-test) per domain. Furthermore, trainees can relate their results to other trainees or compare their results to the standard norm. To gain insight in progress, a trainee can choose to compare his results with the standard norm and other trainees of the same educational level.


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