If you want the best possible user experience, nothing beats native development.

Native iOS & Android App development

Java for Android, Objective-C and Swift.

Label305, agency from the Netherlands, would be happy to help you by developing a mobile application. We use native development techniques for both iOS and Android.

Even in the earliest stages of developing an application, we take platform-specific properties, possibilities and familiar interface elements into account. This means that our applications feel instantly familiar to our users and that well-known methods of interaction are available in the app.

Before we begin implementing a component, we always create a pixel-perfect design of the screen. We usually also create some examples of the animations we want to incorporate in the application.

During implementation we regularly send you test versions of the application, which keeps the feedback loop nice and short. Since Android and iOS each have their own codebase, the development for the various platforms may not always be perfectly synchronised. The final result however will always match the user’s intuition, however, and will fit perfectly within the underlying platform, whether that is iOS or Android.

An application is usually part of a larger system. It may, for example, connect with a specific back-end. We help you design an API and implement a web service, so the desired data can be exchanged with the app. Naturally, we can also take care of the design and implementation of the entire back-end.

We can help you with:

  • Native app development
  • Development for iPhone and iPad
  • Development for Android
  • Hardware connections over USB or Bluetooth LE
  • CocoaTouch, HealthKit, WatchKit
  • Google Play Services, Android Wear
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Connections with RESTful webservices

Languages and Tools

The languages we write in and the tools we use for mobile development include the following.

Objectivs C logo

Objective-C for iOS

Java for android logo

Java for Android

Swift logo

Swift for iOS

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Travis CI

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Sketch 3

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